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Digital Marketing Process
Digital Marketing Process can be universally applied to any Business, Product, Brand, or Individual. Do you want to create a successful Digital Marketing Campaign & have complete control over it? You need a Digital Marketing Process.
There are various situations in which Digital Marketing Process would be required. They could be:

  • You are an Entrepreneur & want to start marketing your business on Digital Media.
  • You are a Digital Marketing Agency or a Freelancer & want to Market your client’s business on Digital Media.
  • You are a Digital Marketing Executive working for an Agency, & you are told to create a Digital Marketing campaign for the client that your agency has just acquired.

Following is a 5 Step Digital Marketing Process, that can be used for marketing anything on Digital Media.

  1. Research About Business (Brand, Target Customers, Products, Competition)
  2. Create (Objectives/Goals, Strategy, Plan, Create Identities)
  3. Promote by (Search Engines, Display Network, Ecommerce Portals, Social Media, Email, Messaging, Affiliate)
  4. Analyze (Audiences, Acquisition, Behavior, Conversion)
  5. Optimize (On base of analysis & observations requried changes)

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